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These days the majority of people canít go a day without using social networking sites, with social media becoming ever more popular, traditional forms of contact such as email, phone calls and text messaging are being replaced by updates on Twitter, stories on Instagram and Skype and WhatsApp for calling and messaging. The younger generation, as well as the older are becoming hooked on the idea of interactions. Nowadays thereís no need to ring mum to tell her about the new swanky cafe in town because she more than likely saw the photo you snapped and shared on your Instastory, and as for the husbands new car sheís seen that splashed across social media too!

buy Instagram views
buy Instagram views

Over its 7 years of existence Instagram has adapted with the changes of its competitors allowing a wider and better range of features for its users. Now boasting over 500 million users daily it has triumphed by installing similar features to its parent company Facebook such as allowing streaming of Live video. However one of the newest and most popular features of Instagram to date is the Instagram story mode, which allows its users to upload photos or snippets of video with text, emojis and an option to paint on top too. These Images and videos are available for a period of 24 hours and later disappear, they can also be saved within the device you are using but will not remain accessible on your Instagram account after the 24 hours have passed. You can monitor who has seen your story swiping up on the photo; only you will be able to see these stats. There are also options to comment on the stories others have shared, you can do this by clicking on the image and a text box will appear for you to type your message.

In particular this feature is a big hit with the youngsters as it allows quick, easy and somewhat interactive sharing of video updates of what youíre up to on the go and also allows you to boost video views you get on Instagram. The idea of sharing these Ďmomentsí inspires intrigue and spontaneity in the users of Instagram and with the added comfort that if itís really too embarrassing to have uploaded in 24 hours it will be gone.

So why might you consider to buy Instagram views? Simply to get video views on Instagram? In our ever evolving society popularity in social media is of great importance, take hash tags for example, the top 40% of liked and viewed posts on Instagram are linked to popular brand names or celebrities such as One Direction, stealing the top celebrity spot with the hash tag #oneditrection linking to over 20,410,000 photos. Thatís over 20 million connections between fans, everyday people that share a common interest. Whether you are just beginning or have already established a successful Insta account getting views can sometimes be difficult as itís hard to find active accounts that will spread the word about you. For this reason itís a great idea to keep healthy Insta habits such as always using appropriate hash tags that will encourage users to stop by and have a look at your page.

Living in a 21st century world controversy is a lot less than it might have been in the past and some people will stop at nothing to grab a top spot, our results show that people are not afraid to buy Instagram views and in fact when they see that it really works to get video views on Instagram they just canít stop. If you buy Instagram views, not only do you get video views on Instagram but you are also investing in your popularity and the success of your account, brand, blog or whatever your venture may be.

For others it may be that youíre not interested in allowing a lot of people to access your account and itís hard to get views on Instagram without that audience, you may struggle to get the views you think you deserve but when you buy Instagram views with Insta4Likes you will be sure to receive 100% of the care and attention you deserve and with the utmost discretion.

This particular package has become one of our most popular since the release of Stories on Instagram, as of course the stories only last 24 hours and people are looking to get the ball rolling and get people interested in the moment. Itís a convenient way to get video views on Instagram without wasting time or energy and of course in turn, the more people who join your audience the more likely they are to spread the word.

So why wait? Buy Instagram views today with Insta4Likes, give it a try and see instant results when you get video views on Instagram.

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