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Why you should buy 50 Instagram views

Instagram launched this new feature called “Instagram Video Views” in February 2016. We have this service available on the social media networking site for quite a while now so everyone knows what the Instagram video views are about, and why you should buy 50 Instagram views. If you are still in doubt, we are going to explain to you why it is so important to buy 50 Instagram views. And of course, why you should by them here.

We always do our best to keep up with all the updates Instagram is releasing and are therefore we try to be the quickest, easiest and most reliable source for all your Instagram services you need.

Why should I buy 50 Instagram Views?

Buy 50 Instagram views
Buy 50 Instagram Views and become famous like Reese Witherspoon.

Nowadays, if you have Videos on Instagram, it will display a view counter. This counter will show you exactly how many people have watched your videos and you can also see the counter of other Instagram users. Therefore, if someone visits your account and sees you have a lot of Instagram views, they might be interested in you because you are so popular, that is the first reason to buy 50 Instagram views. Keep in mind that loops count as just 1 view so you will receive 50 views from 50 different and very real accounts. All of our accounts are managed by real people, so when you buy 50 Instagram views you are buying the fact that 50 different people will view your content. And thus, if they like what they see, they might even watch other videos of you or like your pictures. The view counter is not (yet) available on the Instagram web version, but it does display inside the mobile application.

Your next question might be if video views are a replacement for likes? Definitely not. When you buy 50 Instagram views, they are something completely different than Likes. “Instagram Views” are not a replacement for “Instagram Likes” Firstly, photos on Instagram do not have views at all, it is only the videos that have the views. The level of popularity on Instagram is still judged by the number of likes and followers but when you get lots of Instagram video views, you will be popular as well.

Also, you will still need likes on your Instagram Videos in order to make them look good. The number of likes on your Instagram videos are still being displayed, on both the mobile app, as well as the web-version. So you should consider to buy 50 Instagram views together with the likes.

Video views can get confusing from a user viewpoint. By default, Instagram videos only showcase the number of times a video was watch for at least a three seconds until the end. Meaning, that if someone is trying to spam the views, it won’t work because it will require them to watch the video every time. That is how you can be assured that there will be 50 different persons watching your Instagram video when you buy 50 Instagram views. Nevertheless, if someone does watch the video and then keeps scrolling, it will sometimes still count it is possible it might count as a view since you only need to watch it for a few seconds to increase the counter.

To see those who liked the video, tap the ‘Views’ counter and you will be able to see everyone who also liked the post.

How Can I buy 50 Instagram Views?

Most brands have always wanted more views on their Instagram videos so that the popularity of the brand would show, but ever since the number of views are now publicly displayed underneath each video, the pressure is even bigger, since the Instagram video views are just as important as the likes your posts get. So buy 50 Instagram views today and start the traffic leading directly to your page.

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