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No More Sneaky Instagram Marketing

Instagram gave birth to a new race that are known as “influencers”. Although the concept started on this social website, it can be applied to Facebook, Twitter and many others. Influencers are people who have a big amount of followers. With time, Instagram especially started to become a perfect target for brands to promote their products using influencers. But it was never something that was done explicitely.

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Instagram Ads Are Going Downhill

As we’ve mentioned in another post last week,  Instagram has increasingly been adding ads onto the social platform. In the beggining, it was very hard to add ads because people were 100% against them. However, with time, people started understanding that Instagram needed some form of income in order to gain money and keep the platform alive, working and stable.

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Instagram for Businesses

When Instagram first began, it wasn’t all just personal Instagram accounts full of selfies and pictures of dogs or house pets. There were also lots of business-related accounts on the social network. However, back then there were barely any ads, and if people saw one or two they would start complaining on how the site isn’t “meant for that”.

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