Cheaters on Facebook and Instagram

Choosing the perfect pic, the perfect location, they best way to show the world that gorgeous hamburger you’re about to eat – could that be a sign of our unhappiness?

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Manuscripts, Not in Monasteries, but on Instagram

For more than one thousand years, books were deemed a treasure. Not only because it took a great effort to write one, but because, in order to have only one book, one or more monks had to work very long hours. Some Instagram accounts want to pay an homage to those who spent their lives working for culture.

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Uploading Instagram Pics via PC – What’s the Risk?

Instagram was launched, and is still used by more than 300 million people around the world, as a cell phone application. That way, users can always be connected, and share what they want when they want. However, many people have asked for it to be usable on PC, as not everybody has a smartphone or doesn’t feel like using their cell phones every time they want to upload any new pic. What are their options?

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Show your Support and Pride with #InstaPride

Since nearly two decades, June has been considered a month to highlight diversity. As the first month of summer, the weather becomes ideal for parades of any kind. It has been chosen several times as the month to celebrate LGTB Pride, having a special day for the parade but supporting sexual diversity along the month. As always, Instagram participates of this. How? Or, more specifically, who?

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Another “Internet Challenge” Is Sweeping Instagram

“Charlie, Charlie, are you here?” We’ve all heard those words, said mostly by American teenagers and youngsters who were trying to take part in one of the latest Internet challenges. What are they, and what’s new about them?

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