Uploaded New Ring to Instagram, Lost It

Many people love using Instagram not only to upload pictures of what they’re eating or what places they’re at, but also things they’ve bought. And that can be OK, we all like showing off a little bit. But we’ve got to be careful with the kind of things we upload to our public Instagram accounts!

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Basic Instagram Rules of 2015

This year Instagram has become so amazingly populer we just can’t believe it. More and more people have started using this social website, and because it’s been so used, it’s much easier to analize all the popular Instagram accounts and take note of what we have to do in order to grow as well.

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Instagram Had a Small Panic Attack

A couple of days ago everyone on Instagram had a small panic attack. If you didn’t notice that means you didn’t use Instagram and you weren’t on any social media, because people were going bananas all over the place thinking they got hacked.

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Naming Kids After Instagram Filters

By the end of every year they make a list of the most popular baby names around the world. This year, we’ve found out that many aprents have decided to name their babies after Instagram filters! It may sound silly, but it’s very true.

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