Hot Migrants Instagram Account Controversy

Most of us are probably already aware of the immigration problem in Europe. Due to wars in other coutnries, people have to flee from their own homes and not only look for a better future in Europe, but actually looking to survive. Well, in this context it seems that someone decided to create an Instagram account dedicated to immigrant men, but it’s not the kind of account you might be imagining.

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Instagram Deletes Third-Party Apps

When a social network becomes extremely popular, lots of developers out there tend to come up with innovating apps to give the program much more to play around with. However, lots of social networks (most, in fact) tend to such down third-party apps or similar programs.

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Ryan Alosio Let the Cat Out of the Bag

It’s not the first time we’ve seen famous people on Instagram accidentally say something that they shouldn’t have. It happens all the time! However, since it’s such an active website and if you’re famous you clearly have lots of followers, even if you take down the image or comment a few seconds after uploading it, someone probably already saw it and took a screen cap of it.

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