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The basics to having a successful account on Instagram seem relatively simple. There seems to be a formula that just works; of course that starts with the image itself, the quality of the content you upload should be fairly good, (i.e; none of those blurry snaps, unless itís an intentional artistic move!!). Second stop, is activity on the account and this is the real game changer. Accounts with good activity generally, in turn draw in more attention from other active users, for that reason itís important to keep your account active; primarily by posting regularly and by interacting with others.

Interacting with other accounts is also an important networking tool, the key is to find other users with common interests or who may be interested in your feed and the type of content you post via Instagram, then itís simple, leave a comment here or there and like things which interest you. Engagement on your part will entice others to take a look at your account to try to understand what youíre about. One of the biggest factors that drives Instagram is curiosity, people are invested in other people, in the stories they tell, in the gossip, the photos. If they see something they like, they may even broadcast it among their friends, bringing in even more exposure for you.

People have many reasons for creating an account; it may be to post their travels snaps, to share beautiful images of their day to day lives with friends, to promote a blog, for fashion or beauty advice and many more things. It can be quite exciting to grow an audience of followers on Instagram, interacting with others who share your interests, making connections, eventually perhaps even reaching an audience from all over the world. The only downfall is that getting there can take a lot of time, efforts and in most cases a fair amount of patience.

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Itís really easy to find ĎInstagram servicesí on Google as nowadays there are a handful of services available to buy followers, likes and comments. The majority of these companies rely on the use of bots and so the comments will be very generic and that makes it easier to spot the use of one of these paid services. Aside from that many users are put off by bot accounts because Instagram has been known to suspend and remove accounts of people interacting with known bot accounts. Itís also really important to keep activity consistent but varied too and for the bots, which work on a programmed formula this is near impossible.

Think of it like this, Instagram likes buy you a spot at the top, but without the interaction of real comments from real accounts it just doesnít add up. We have seen so many examples of this when we spot photos with 500+ likes and without a single comment, but if they are genuine likes why arenít people commenting too? We at Insta4likes go against these types of services 100%, we donít support the use of bots and our services guarantee work with real Instagram accounts, managed by real people. And not only that, but we offer a wide variety of integrated services!

Here at Insta4likes we offer you the chance to sample our services, buy 10 Instagram likes and one comment for your profile and notice the results immediately. This package is great for first time users who may want to test the water and get an idea of how we work. We like to stress that the accounts youíre buying likes from are real people that will actually go to your picture and click like on it, therefore thereís a chance that after visiting your account, they may be interested in your content, leave a comment or two, and could be a potential follower. We guarantee that if you decide to purchase our services, youíll be 100% satisfied, and youíll notice the results almost instantly.

You know how we work. If you need any special offer for automatic REAL likes or RELEVANT comments can you email me on info.insta4likes [at]
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