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You may have noticed that recently Instagram has released a new feature that allows it’s users to monitor their video statistics with ease; they have added an all new views feature similar to that of its sister company Facebook. Paying customers have always been able to see their view count, however Instagram are now opening up this resource for everyone. So how does it work? Well, now where originally you would have seen the likes below your Instagram videos, you will be able to see how many views the video has. Every 3 seconds of video watched will be counted as a view, this means the autoplay feature will not interfere with the view count if users are only scrolling past. These views remain anonymous but clicking on the number opens a new window showing a breakdown of the numbers of both views and likes. Instagram predicts the addition of this feature will be a vital tool in understanding the market and will create great opportunities for advertisers.

Within the last year interaction by the way of videos has increased an enormous amount across all social media platforms, Instagram has worked to create new and exciting features in a bid to retain its users, these include apps and editing software such as Hyperlapse and Boomerang, which seem to have gone down a storm. The addition of the view count however, promises a new insight to the way Instagram works as it allows users to monitor their audience directly from their account. No need to use another website or app to track activity, now it can be viewed directly on the post itself.

Instagram has shone a spotlight on already successful video makers such as Zach King; a man who makes videos with seamless special effects. His work has become popular in social media more recently, and his Instagram content is reported to now be receiving 5 million views daily. Another new and popular Illustrator/ Animator by the name of Rachel Ryle, has gained a large following on Instagram, with many eagerly anticipating her new videos every week. The addition of the views feature will not only prove useful for big brands but also for emerging talents, so that they can better understand what grabs people’s eye and what works.

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The addition of views was announced on Instagram’s official account in early February with Instagram also stating ‘Adding view counts is the first of many ways you’ll see video on Instagram get better this year.’ We look forward to seeing all the new features they bring out in 2016.

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