Instagramers Gallery premia las mejores fotos de Instagram

La importancia de la red social de los fotógrafos es tal que numerosos usuarios pagan para comprar más seguidores en Instagram e incluso su auge ha provocado la aparición de grupos como Instagramers, una comunidad con usuarios repartidos por más de 60 países que han hecho de Instagram casi un modo de vida. Ahora, la comunidad de Instagramers ha tirado la casa por la ventana con la creación de una iniciativa fascinante y ambiciosa: Instagramers Gallery. Read more

Gotta Make Friends to Get Friends

Want to get more Instagram followers? In addition to putting great images up, you’ll need to get involved in the Instagram community. This doesn’t mean just setting up and posting your best, most awesome pics – it also means getting out there and following others, liking and comment on their pics. Read more

Star Wars launches an official Instagram account

Until recently, Instagram’s wars were focused on seeing who gets more followers or whose pictures get more “likes” in this famous social network, a goal that a lot of people wants to achieve trying to buy real Instagram likes or hiring the services of companies specialized in making them winners in this kind of popularity wars. Read more

‘La Guerra de las galaxias’ llega a Instagram

Hasta hace poco las guerras de Instagram se basaban en ver quién conseguía más seguidores o más likes en sus fotos de la conocida red social, para lo cual algunos no dudan en comprar likes instagram reales o en acudir a empresas especializadas en hacernos ganadores en la guerra de la popularidad. Read more

On Instagram, Reality Is Key

One of the most interesting thing about Instagram, as with most social networks, is that honesty and authenticity, being real, is key. Despite the fact that you are communicating over screens, wires and the air, electronic communications are far more intimate than face to face ones. As such, since we don’t have the full gamut of senses that we use when we communicate face to face, there is a tendency to exaggerate, or fake, or attempt to be someone you aren’t. Read more

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