The best of the best of Instagram in 2013

2013 is nearing to its end and that’s why we want to review some of the most important data, numbers and news that this year has left us on Instagram. The photographer’s social network has been one of the biggest successes of this year on Internet…but, who have been the winners on Instagram? Read more

Lo mejor de lo mejor del 2013 en Instagram

El año 2013 llega a su fin y por ello queremos repasar algunos de los datos, cifras y noticias más importantes del año en Instagram. La red social de los fotógrafos ha sido una de las grandes triunfadoras del año en Internet… pero, ¿quiénes han triunfado en Instagram? Read more

Instagram will be able to sell pictures without their authors’ consent

Instagram had made one of the most important changes in its marketing policy since this social network was bought by Facebook and its financing by advertising was announced. As the company itself has stated, from January 16th, 2014 onwards, Instagram will be able to sell to a third party the pictures that the users had uploaded in this social network if they consider this appropriate, without paying anything to the author and without giving any prior notice. This news has raised a lot of alarms and the users of this social network have made their confusion and displeasure well known all around the world.
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Instagram podrá vender fotos sin permiso del autor

Instagram ha hecho efectivo uno de sus mayores cambios en su política comercial desde que la red social fuera adquirida por Facebook y anunciara su financiación por publicidad. Según ha afirmado la propia compañía, a partir del día 16 de enero de 2014, Instagram tendrá la facultad para vender a terceros las fotos de los usuarios que así estime oportuno, sin pagar remuneración alguna al autor y sin previo aviso. Una noticia que sin duda ha encendido muchas alarmas y ha creado mucha confusión y descontento entre los usuarios de la red social de las fotografías.

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Instagramers Gallery awards the best pictures uploaded on Instagram

The photographer’s social network is so important that its numerous users pay to buy more Instagram followers and its success has led to the emergence of groups like Instagramers, a community who has users in more than 60 countries all over the world for whom Instagram and its use is almost a lifestyle. Now, Instagramers has put on a fancy with the creation of a fascinating and ambitious initiative: Instagramers Gallery. Read more

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