How Instagram Is Changing Photography

The ever popular social media app, Instagram has forever changed the way in which we look at photography. The moments of our life that we capture and share with our friends and followers are important in creating an artistic eye. The photos that we share from our life give  our own look, perception of the world, to whoever wants to see it, even if you are only photographing your dinner, you are still making an artistic expression. Read more

The Rich Dogs Of Instagram

You may be aware of the “rich kids of Instagram”, the blog that shows a collection of the world’s richest teenagers, living their lavish lifestyles full of private yachts, champagne and Rolexes… Read more

Spotless App Protects Your Instagram Account From Spam

If there are 2 thing you are guaranteed to find on the internet in large quantities, it is spam, and trolls; trolls being the people who give others a hard time or act annoying just for their own amusement. The people who are online all the time and for some reason have nothing better to do than to make fun of others and spread malicious rumors, these people tend to ruin any intelligent or interesting conversation that was going on before them. Read more

Instagram Launches Carousel Advertising

Since 2013, Instagram has been tiptoeing around the mobile advertising market, being wary of upsetting their astonishing user count which is now well over 300 million and counting. Today however Instagram announced a major change to its advertising structure, they launched slideshow advertisements. Read more

4 Motivational Instagram Accounts

Looking at how well others do is a great way to give us our own motivation to succeed. Instagram has become a haven of motivational people and images , that we can follow, take advice and inspire to be. Listed below are 4 great motivational INstagram users for you to check out. Read more

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