Scientifically-Proven Best Instagram Filters

Many things have been said about filters and, no matter if they were right or wrong, they no longer matter. Yahoo Labs and Georgia Tech analyzed more than 7.5 million pics in order to have the truth set in stone.

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Traveling on Instagram, Married on Instagram

Traveling on Instagram, Married on Instagram

You may remember Murad Osmann, the man who became famous thanks to his Instagram account (@muradosmann) on which he posted only one kind of photographs. Every pic had the same features: beautiful landscapes, his pretty girlfriend – and his hand. Read more

Instagram Gives Visibility to the Disabled, No Matter Their Species

The Internet can be a wonderful place to vindicate love for everyone, as it boosts visibility and lets people know you at the reach of a click. Many people have benefited from this, and many charitable trends have emerged from an Internet initiative.

Among those are the ones who are not dedicated to people but to animals. What first comes to your mind when you hear that is probably PETA, famous for its online campaigns advocating animal rights and ways of life that don’t harm them. However, there’s a way to reach people without having to spend big figures on a campaign.

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Another Politician Joins Instagram

Some days ago, former Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi was featured on the news because she had done something that not many politicians had. Berlusconi launched his own Instagram account (@silvioberlusconi2015), to which he has uploaded nearly one hundred pics. It seems that he’s created a trend, for Angela Merkel, chancellor of Germany, has also launched her own account.

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Google and Instagram Will Ally to Count the Calories of Food in Your Pics

More than fifty-six million pics are included as of now under the #foodporn hashtag on Instagram. Food is a favorite of Instagram, after all, especially if it is visually appealing both in the way it looks and in the way it’s presented. But looking good does not always mean that it’s the best quality food ever. In fact, many of the good looking products and dishes presented on Instagram are too full of calories. You will almost never see a plain salad or some boiled spinach.

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