Watch Out! Your Instagram Account Could Be Invaded

When we create an Instagram account, we do it because we want to express ourselves and have a place where we can show the world what we love. It would be a pity that someone or something invaded it—unless the invader is someone as Lucas Levitan (@lucaslevitan). This Brazilian artist based in London (he’s been living there for ten years now) has been “stealing” pictures from other users and printing his personal mark on them. No need to worry!

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Australian Woman Mocks Celebrities’ Poses on Instagram

We all know there’s no totally improvised Instagram picture. Even the seemingly most natural photograph can have a well-thought design behind it. Most of the times we don’t think about it (celebrities are celebrities, we’re bound to think everything they do is OK), but now an Australian Instagram user has been mocking them on her profile.

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Instagram Accounts that Can Be Deadly

At least, that’s what we thing when we look at Nicole Angemi’s profile (@mrs_angemi). Now that everyone is posting delicious dishes, selfies and feet pics, she’s been taking pictures of her workplace, which wouldn’t be so brave – if she didn’t work at a morgue. Here’s what Mrs. Angemi does on Instagram (it must be good – 417K followers can’t be wrong).

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Ten Instagram Tips to Be Successful as Celebrities (II)

Yesterday we talked about some things to do and show on Instagram this summer. Not normal, yet very normal things. Why saying it like this? Because there are some things almost everyone does on Instagram, celebrities included. Sunsets, food or pictures from the plane made it to the first part of this list, but there are many more things that you can show on Instagram while being on vacation. Since we have already talked about the first five ones, let’s start with number six.

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