Azealia Banks Is At It Once Again

Azealia Banks, for those of you who may not know her, is a famous rapper, singer and composer from the United States. But she’s not only known for her music… she’s also known for getting into trouble over and over. Sometimes it’s a real life “fight”, other times she takes to the Internet. Most of her famous fights have been through Twitter with other stars, but the most recent one is on Instagram.

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Take a Walk on the Wild Side

We expect most people, especially those with lots of money, to live in the big city. Any big city, really. But not everyone enjoys being surrounded by the constant noise of traffic, people, etc. Zach Klein, founder of Vimeo, is one of those people. Thanks to Vimeo he made his life’s fortune. But he’s not a fan of that “rich life” most people love.

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When to Post on Instagram

Knowing how to post on Instagram and what to post is quite important. You have to upload quality content if you want to attract people to your blog. But another important pillar to a great Instagram is something that not too many people pay attention to: the time which you upload your things.

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Instagram Hits 400 Million Active Users!

You’ve probably heard about a thousand times that Instagram is one of the most used social networks nowadays. What you probably didn’t know it’s that it’s also the one that’s growing the quickest. This growth has become noticeable about three years ago, but also after Instagram was purchased by Facebook. Now, it’s got more followers than ever and an incredible income we couldn’t even imagine.

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Become Who You’ve Always Wanted to be on IG

Getting activity on an Instagram account is very hard, especially if you’re starting from scratch. You’ve probably already heard about tips and tricks to get people running to your account and following you, but we’re going to be giving you a few new ones just in case.

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