Shop Assistant Censored For Not Being a Model

The fashion industry is something that has evolved a lto throughout the years. It’s something that has always influenced society way more than we could imagine. Today’s fashion industry tells us to be fit, skinny. And they take models that we’re supposed to want to be like. But in the past few years lots of people have criticized how this industry has evolved to be something psychologically damaging for everyone.

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Instagram Multiaccount Management

One of the features that was asked for the most on Instagram was something that would allow a person to manage more than one account smoothly without having to close one and log into the other. Well… that petition is starting to slowly become a reality!

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The New Instagram Barbie

The traditional Barbie doll has been changing a lot throughout the years. And during these last years, people have been complaining that this doll was become thinner than ever. That’sw hy they’ve decided to implement Barbies with different body types: curvy, tall, petite, etc. So there’s variety for everyone! But today we’re bringing you yet another new version of Barbie.

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Talabe Today, New Instagram Sensation

With all the millions of users that Instagram has actively on its platform, we usually see th same exact types of people and pictures. Travel, food, gym pictures, etc. But wouldn’t we all like to use Instagram as a sneak-hole to another culture? Well, believe it or not, there are already Instagram accounts like that!

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