Zuckerberg’s Paranoia is Getting Us Paranoid

We’ve all heard stories saying how dangerous it is to have an uncovered laptop webcam because if we get hacked, someone could spy on us. Or how important it is to have a good antivirus so nobody can send us a virus and access all of our personal information. It seems like common knowledge, but a recent picture has made us all a little bit more paranoid than usual.

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Naomi Campbell Messes Up an Instagram Caption!

We get that everyone makes mistakes when writing every once in a while. Typos are extremely common. But when you’re famous and have thousands or even millions of followers on the Internet, you should definitely double check everything you post. Especially when you’re sponsoring a product!

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More Model Diversity

Instragram is a huge platform with millions of active users. So starting a movement and using that platform is quite a smart idea if you want to reach as many people as possible. One of the most recent movements is called #runwayforall. It’s main objective is to break through the established beauty standards in today’s society and have more diverse models.

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British Models Opens Up About Photoshop

One of the type of accounts that have a huge succes on Instagram are those related to the fashion industry. Therefore, not only lots of fashion brands have thousands or millions of followers, but also models for those brands (or freelance models, too). However, the idea of models has been the same for quite some time, and when people see these people, they want to be like them. But every day different models try to make people realize that most of the pictures they see of them are usually retouched with Photoshop, filers and different tricks.

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